Choosing Energy is Choosing The Future

Our ability to deliver operational excellence for government and commercial endeavours in high-risk conditions is based on our expertise, reliable supply, focus on quality, full spectrum of services and overall value.

Deed-e-Afghan Logistic Services routinely supplies the full range of land petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) products in accordance with the local or specific specification required. These products include both commercial and military specifications.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that the products we are contracted to provide are “on-spec.” We apply rigor and attention to detail throughout our entire process, including the application of our quality control procedures, supplier vetting and product testing.

In order to move the products from source (ideally from a refinery) to end customer, we have a team of highly experienced logistics experts to manage all the traditional and unconventional logistics methodologies including air, sea, rail and truck movements. All logistical movements are managed in accordance with our operating procedures, providing full visibility of supply chain status to our customers.

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